Public Transportation From LaGuardia Airport To Connecticut & Northern Suburbs


LGA To Connecticut, Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess Counties

You can travel from LaGuardia Airport to Connecticut and New York’s northern suburbs in 1 of 4 ways:

  • Option 1:  Shuttle bus from LaGuardia to Grand Central Terminal (GCT). From GCT, take a Metro-North commuter train to your destination.
  • Option 2:  Public Bus from LaGuardia to Metro-North commuter train station in upper Manhattan. From there, take Metro-North train to final destination.
  • Option 3:  Private Vehicle
  • Option 4:  Yellow taxi from LaGuardia to Grand Central Terminal. From GCT, take a Metro-North commuter train to your destination.

Option #1: Shuttle From LaGuardia To Grand Central Terminal

Metro-North trains serve Connecticut as well as Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties in New York State. This option is convenient and cost-efficient.

You can use either Go Airlink NYC’s 24/7 LaGuardia Airport Transportation shuttle service or NYC Airporter’s LaGuardia Airport Shuttle. They’re often used by executives, families, tour groups and anyone who understands that your trip is not over just because the plane landed.

Your shuttle will take you from your LaGuardia terminal to Grand Central Terminal (GCT), located at 42nd St. & Park Ave. in Manhattan. From GCT, you would take a Metro-North commuter train to your final destination. Always buy your ticket in the station and not on the train (it’s a lot more expensive).

Go Airlink NYC Offers:

  • 24/7 Service, 364 days a year.
  • Pick-up outside your LaGuardia terminal’s doors.
  • Wait for your shuttle when it’s hot, cold or wet outside.
  • Drop-off service at Grand Central Terminal.
  • Discounted price when you book online.
  • Selection of vehicle type, including shuttle van, private van, private sedan or Luxury SUV Service .
  • Choice of vehicles that seat from 4 to 56 passengers.
  • Peace-of-mind that you will arrive exactly where you need to.

See current rates for Go NYC Airlink’s 24/7 LaGuardia Airport Transportation.

Travel time= approximately 30 minutes (depends on traffic)

NYC Airporter Offers:

  • Service from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., every half hour, 7 days a week, all year.
  • Direct transportation to Grand Central Terminal
  • Seasonal discounts available
  • Free Wi-Fi and power outlets on all buses to charge your electronic devices
  • Leather reclining seats
  • They are the official operator for New York City’s Department of Transportation & the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • USA Today & The Huffington Post have recommended them

See current rates for NYC Airporter’s LaGuardia Airport Shuttle.

Travel Time: +/- 30 minutes (depending on traffic)

 Option #2: Public Bus From LaGuardia to 125th St. Metro-North Station

This is the cheapest option.

Take an M60 public bus from LaGuardia to the Metro-North commuter train station called “Harlem-125th Street.” M60 buses stop at all LaGuardia terminals.

Metro-North trains serve Connecticut and Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess Counties on 3 lines: the Hudson Line, Harlem Line & New Haven Line.

Step 1: Board M60 bus

Buses only accept quarters and Metro-Cards as payment. Buy a Metro-Card at any “Hudson News” magazine shop in the airport or at a self-service machine, located near terminal doors. Machines only accept credit/debit cards.

Look for an M60 bus stop after exiting your terminal. M60 buses stop at all LaGuardia Airport terminals and operate from approximately 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Step 2: Take the M60 bus from LaGuardia Airport to Lexington Avenue in Manhattan

About 15 minutes after leaving LaGuardia Airport, the M60 bus crosses a long bridge (RFK/Triborough Bridge) and enters Manhattan. After entering Manhattan, the bus travels 3 long blocks down 125th Street before reaching Lexington Ave.

As the bus approaches Lexington Ave., you will see an elevated train platform ahead of you (see picture below). This is the “Harlem-125th Street” station for Metro-North commuter trains, located at 125th St. & Park Ave.

Assuming normal traffic, travel time from LaGuardia to Lexington Ave. in Manhattan= 25-30 minutes. Don’t be shy about asking the driver to let you know when you arrive at this stop. You’ll probably see fellow travelers with their luggage headed to the same train station as well.


An M60 bus picks up passengers at 125th St. & Lexington Ave. in Manhattan. When coming from LaGuardia Airport, you would get off the bus here and walk less than a block to the Metro-North train station, located under the overpass pictured above.

Step 3: Take a Metro-North train to your final destination

When you get off the bus at Lexington Ave., walk 3/4 (three-fourths) of a block toward the overpass (this will take about 1 minute). The station’s entrance is directly under the overpass.

Buy your train ticket at a ticket booth or at a self-service machine. DO NOT buy your ticket on the train (it’s much more expensive). Be sure to read the platform sign announcing the train’s destination.

Better yet, confirm with another passenger that you are boarding the correct train. With trains arriving every few minutes it’s easy to get confused and board the wrong one. We’ve seen it happen MANY times.

Why Harlem-125th Street And Not Grand Central Terminal?

Metro-North’s 3 main train lines (the Hudson, Harlem & New Haven lines) all start and end at Grand Central Terminal (42nd St. & Park Ave. in Manhattan). “Harlem-125th St.” is the first stop Metro-North trains make after leaving Grand Central. The two stations are 11 minutes apart. The M60 bus goes through uptown Manhattan, not midtown Manhattan. In terms of distance and time, it is more efficient to go to “Harlem-125th St.”

Is It Safe?

In general, yes, it’s fine. Keep in mind:

  • The train station is only 3/4 of a block from the M60 bus stop (1 minute walking)
  • There is a small police station inside the train station
  • It’s one of Metro-North’s busiest stations

After about 10:30 p.m., there are less people around. The station closes for the night at 2:00 a.m and reopens half an hour before the day’s first train (5 a.m. weekdays, 6 a.m. weekends).

Option #3: Private Vehicle From From LaGuardia To Connecticut & Westchester

The most comfortable, most convenient and easiest option is, of course,to hire a private car to take you from the airport to your final destination. If saving time and being very comfortable are important to you, consider the private car service provided by GO Airlink NYC or their Luxury SUV Service.

You’ll be picked up at your terminal and taken to your destination in comfort, style and privacy. This option may not be available for Putnam or Dutchess Counties.

Option #4: Yellow Taxi To Metro-North Train

Metro-North trains operate on 3 lines: the Hudson Line, Harlem Line & New Haven Line. These lines serve Connecticut and Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess Counties.

Trains departing for these destinations leave from: Grand Central Terminal and the “Harlem-125th St.” station. Grand Central is located at 42nd St. & Park Ave. The Harlem-125th St. station is located further north at 125th St. & Park Ave. By train, they are 11 minutes apart.

Step 1: Taxi From LaGuardia Airport To Grand Central or Harlem-125th St. Station

Take a yellow taxi from LaGuardia to either Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan or the Harlem-125th St. station in uptown Manhattan.

Use our New York City Taxi Fare Estimator. Enter “LGA” as your starting point. Enter either Grand Central or “125 St. & Park Ave.” as your destination.

Estimated taxi cost from LaGuardia to Grand Central= +/- $30. From LaGuardia to Harlem-125th St. station is slightly less.

Step 2: Take Metro-North Commuter Train 

Once at Grand Central or Harlem-125th St., buy your Metro-North train ticket at a ticket booth or ticket machine. Avoid buying your ticket on the train (much more expensive).

See Metro-North’s schedules and fares here.

Within the NYC region, you can also use Metro-North’s Coo-Coo text system for schedule and fare information.

Here’s a map of the Metro-North Railroad system.

If map image is missing, refresh page or press link below.

View LaGuardia Airport to Connecticut & Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess Counties Using Public Transportation in a larger map


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