Manhattan To LaGuardia Airport Transportation Options


Manhattan To LaGuardia Airport Transportation

Going the other way? Read about going from LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan.

Option 1: New York City Airport Shuttle

The combination of convenience, comfort and cost offered by Go Airlink NYC’s 24/7 LaGuardia Airport Transportation and NYC Airporter’s LaGuardia Airport Shuttle is tough to beat.

Want to get the stress of getting to the airport over with as soon as possible? Go with these guys. Load your luggage on their vehicles and take your seat. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride to your terminal’s doors at LaGuardia Airport.

With GO Airlink NYC you’ll have:

  • 24/7 service to all LaGuardia terminals
  • Hotel, home or office pick-up service (between Battery Park and 129th Street).
  • Pick-up from Manhattan’s main travel hubs: Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority Terminal & Penn Station
  • 10% discount when you reserve online.
  • Vehicles seating between4 and 56 passengers.
  • Choice of shuttle van, private van, private sedan or private SUV.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing you’ll get to exactly where you need to be.

See current rates for GO Airlink NYC.

Travel time= +/- 35 minutes (Depends on traffic)

GO Airlink NYC

NYC Airporter Offers:

  • Service between 5 a.m. and 11:30 p.m., every half hour, 7 days a week.
  • Manhattan’s pick-ups at: Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority Terminal & Penn Station
  • Lowest rate when you book online.
  • Hotel pick-up (For round-trip customers only, whose hotels are between 23rd St. & 63rd St.)
  • Free Wi-Fi and power outlets on all buses to charge your electronic devices
  • Leather reclining seats
  • They are the official operator for New York City’s Department of Transportation & the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • Recommended by the newspapers USA Today & The Huffington Post

See current rates for NYC Airporter’s LaGuardia Airport Shuttle.

Travel Time: +/- 35 minutes (depending on traffic)

Option 2: Yellow Taxi From Manhattan To LaGuardia

Yellow taxis are available day or night in Manhattan. They use the automated E-Z Pass system to pay tolls. E-Z Pass toll rates are lower than cash toll rates, so be sure your driver charges you the lower E-Z Pass rate. It is your right.

There are routes that can avoid the toll, but the trade-off is time. You’ll be in a world of traffic lights wishing you had just paid the toll. Pay the toll and save yourself the nail-biting and headache.

Use our New York City Taxi Fare Calculator to estimate your fare.

Cost: +/- $35 (flat rate + toll + your tip [15% tip is standard])

Travel time= +/- 35 minutes

Option 3: Long Island Railroad To Queens, Then Taxi or Bus To LaGuardia Airport

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) system connects New York City with Long Island. These commuter trains are generally faster, cleaner, roomier and safer (crime-wise) than subways.

Woodside Station is the closest LIRR station to LaGuardia Airport. Like the airport, Woodside Station is also in Queens. It is a major station, with trains to/from Manhattan arriving every few minutes.

To find Woodside Station on this LIRR map, follow the red line all the way to the left. Above and to the right of Woodside Station you’ll see a yellow circle with an airplane graphic inside representing LaGuardia Airport. Magnify map by pressing Control + (Windows) or Command + (Macs).

Step 1: From Penn Station (32nd Street & 7th Ave.), take a Long Island Railroad (LIRR) train to Woodside Station. Access Penn Station via the A-C-E subway lines and the M34 bus. Consult this NYC subway map.

Step 2: From Woodside Station, take either a yellow taxi or a bus to LaGuardia Airport

To take a taxi from Woodside Station to LaGuardia:

  • Exit train station and take a yellow taxi to LaGuardia. Woodside Station is 3.5 miles (6.4 km) from LaGuardia Airport.
  • Use our New York City Taxi Fare Estimator for a ballpark figure.
  • Under “From” enter: 6112 Roosevelt Ave., Queens, NY. (This address is across the street from Woodside LIRR station.)
  • Under “To” enter: LaGuardia Airport.

To take a bus from Woodside Station to LaGuardia Terminals B, C and D:

  • If your flight departs from LaGuardia Terminals B, C or D: take a Q70 bus from Woodside Station to your LaGuardia terminal.
  • The bus stop serving Woodside LIRR station is called: “Woodside/61st Street.”
  • Most LaGuardia passengers arrive/depart from Terminals B, C and D.

To take a bus from Woodside Station to LaGuardia Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal) you have 2 options:

Option 3A: Bus From Woodside Station To LaGuardia Terminal A ONLY

We recommend Option 3A over Option 3B if you arrive at Woodside Station between 4 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.

  • From Woodside Station, take a Q70 bus to LaGuardia Terminal B. Q70 buses do not go to Terminal A.
  • From Terminal B, take a “Route A” shuttle bus to Terminal A.
  • “Route A” is a free bus system that connects all of LaGuardia’s terminals. “Route A” buses operate between 4 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.
  • “Route A” buses never leave the airport.

Option 3B: Bus From Woodside Station To LaGuardia Terminal A ONLY

When taking the bus, use this option only if arriving at Woodside Station between 11:30 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

  • Arrive at Woodside LIRR station.
  • Enter the “61st Street/Woodside” subway station. This subway station is next to the Woodside LIRR station.
  • Take a Flushing-bound 7 train to the “74th Street/Broadway” stop. Flushing is a neighborhood in Queens.
  •  Make sure you do not board a Manhattan-bound 7 train.
  • Arrive on 7 train at 74th Street/Broadway subway station.
  • Exit 74th Street/Broadway subway station and take a Q47 bus to LaGuardia Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal).
  • Your transfer from the subway to the bus is free. Just use the same MetroCard you used to pay for the subway.
  • Q47 buses operate 24 hours a day, but operate less frequently late at night.
  • Q47 buses only go to Terminal A only. They do not go to any other LaGuardia terminal.
  • Use this NYC subway map to plan.

Taxi Cost= +/- $20 (taxi fare + surcharges + your tip [15% is standard]). Cost of LIRR train is separate and depends on time of day (i.e. peak/off-peak ticket). To ensure you buy the correct ticket type, buy your ticket from a ticket window, rather than a ticket machine.

See LIRR schedules and fares here. Always buy your ticket before boarding the train, never on the train.

From within the NYC area, you can check LIRR schedules and fares by texting “Penn to Woodside” to this number: 266266. Read more about using theCoo Coo” text system here.

New York City tourists rolling suitcases through Manhattan's streets.

Your budget, time available and willingness to “schlep” luggage determine your route from Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport.

Option 4: Subway/Bus Combination

There is no direct subway line from Manhattan to LaGuardia. Several subway lines will get you close to the airport, but none will take you directly there. A subway/bus combination is the least expensive way to get to LaGuardia Airport.

The subway lines that will leave you closest to LaGuardia Airport are the: E-F-M-R and 7 lines.

Use this NYC subway map to plan. Find LaGuardia on the map by clicking on the map and dragging it to the right. You’ll see a black airplane graphic inside a yellow circle (look for it above the 7 subway line). Subways/buses run 24 hours, but run less frequently late at night/early in the morning. Be prepared to wait a while if it’s very late or very early.

Step 1: Determine whether the E-F-M-R or 7 line is closest to your Manhattan starting point.

Step 2: Take Subway To Queens, Then Transfer To Bus Going To Airport

To Take The E-F-M or R Trains To LaGuardia Airport:

  • Take an E-F-M or R train from Manhattan to the station called “Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave.”
  • Exit “Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave.” subway station and find the Q70 bus stop. (Bus stop is close to subway station.)
  • Take Q70 bus to LaGuardia Terminals B, C or D. (Most LaGuardia passengers leave from these terminals.)
  • Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal) passengers must take a Q47 bus instead. The Q70 bus will not stop at Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal).

To Take The 7 Train To LaGuardia Airport

  • Take a 7 train from Manhattan to the station called “74th Street/Broadway.”
  • Exit “74th Street/Broadway” subway station and locate the the Q70 bus stop.
  • Take Q70 bus to LaGuardia Terminals B, C or D. (Bus stop is by the subway station).
  • Take a Q70 bus to LaGuardia Terminals B, C or D.
  • Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal) passengers must take a Q47 bus instead. The Q70 bus will not stop at Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal).

Option 5: Subway/Bus From Uptown Manhattan/Bronx

This option only applies to people coming from Uptown Manhattan or the eastern Bronx.

  • Take a 4, 5 or 6 train to the 125th St. Station in Manhattan.
  • After exiting subway, you will be at intersection of 125th St. and Lexington Ave.
  • Look for the M60 SBS bus stop near that corner.
  • For important notes regarding the M60 SBS, refer to Section 9a on our New York City Public Transit Resources page.

If going to LaGuardia Terminal A, take the M60 to Terminal B.

  • From Terminal B, take a “Route A” bus to Terminal A.
  • “Route A” buses never leave the airport.

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