Current New Jersey Road Tolls


New Jersey Road Tolls

Whether you’re coming to New York City from the south or going from NYC to the south, you have 2 options for driving efficiently through New Jersey: the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. New Jersey may no longer smell the way it did years ago, but paying tolls always stinks.

    • E-Z Pass is an automated toll payment system that functions in various states. Each participating state’s E-Z Pass will work in all other E-Z Pass states. Google “E-Z Pass (name of participating state).”
    • New Jersey isn’t the only one that wants a pound of your flesh. You’ll pay to enter New York City also.
    • See Current New York City Bridge & Tunnel Tolls.
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New Jersey Turnpike Tolls

    • Visit the New Jersey Turnpike Authority page.
    • Select Turnpike Toll Calculator
    • Enter information (vehicle type, entry and exit points, payment method)
    • Use Holland Tunnel for downtown Manhattan; Lincoln Tunnel for midtown Manhattan; GWB (George Washington Bridge) for uptown Manhattan.
    • If possible, avoid tunnels/bridges during morning/evening rush hours.
    • For printable turnpike toll rates, select Turnpike Toll Schedules

Garden State Parkway Tolls

    • The Garden State Parkway travels north-south along New Jersey’s east coast.
    • You will not take this road if you are traveling between New York City and other states.
    • Visit the New Jersey Turnpike Authority page.
    • Enter information (vehicle type, entry and exit points, payment method)
    • For printable parkway toll rates, select Parkway Toll Calculator

Click either the map legend (upper left) or on colored lines. Click/drag and zoom in/out as needed.

View New York City Toll Bridges & Tunnels Map in a larger map

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