Current New Jersey Road Tolls


New Jersey Road Tolls

Whether you’re coming to New York City from the south or going from NYC to the south, you have 2 options for driving efficiently through New Jersey: the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. New Jersey may no longer smell the way it did years ago, but paying tolls always stinks.

    • E-Z Pass is an automated toll payment system that functions in various states. Each participating state’s E-Z Pass will work in all other E-Z Pass states. Google “E-Z Pass (name of participating state).”
    • New Jersey isn’t the only one that wants a pound of your flesh. You’ll pay to enter New York City also. See Current New York City Bridge & Tunnel Tolls.
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New Jersey Turnpike Tolls

    • Visit the New Jersey Turnpike Authority page.
    • Click Toll RatenCalculators under New Jersey Turnpike (top of page).
    • Select your vehicle type and press Start Calculator.
    • When toll calculator appears, select your entry/exit points and payment method. Then press Calculate Toll.
    • The southernmost entry/exit point is #1 (Delaware Memorial Bridge). The northernmost entry/exit point is #18W (GWB= George Washington Bridge.)
    • To access midtown Manhattan, use the Lincoln Tunnel (red line in the map below). For downtown Manhattan, use the Holland Tunnel (black line). For uptown Manhattan/Bronx, use the George Washington Bridge (bright blue line). Traffic-wise, these tunnels/bridges are a nightmare during morning/evening rush hours, so plan accordingly. During summertime, do everything in your power to avoid rush hours.
    • To print toll rates, select your vehicle type under the Printable Toll Rate Schedules section, found just above the Toll Rate Calculators section.

Garden State Parkway Tolls

    • The Garden State Parkway travels north-south along New Jersey’s east coast. You will not take this road if you are traveling between New York City and other states.
    • As of now, there is no online calculator available for Garden State Parkway tolls.
    • You can find a printable, color-coded and semi-hard-to-read schedule of tolls by visiting the NJ Turnpike Authority page and clicking Toll Rates under Garden State Parkway. (At the top of page.)

Click either the map legend (upper left) or on colored lines. Click/drag and zoom in/out as needed.

View New York City Toll Bridges & Tunnels Map in a larger map

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