Image of an airborne plane's wing. In the distance the sun is setting.

Como chegar do Aeroporto John F. Kennedy (JFK) a Manhattan, New York

Você chegou ao Kennedy Airport ( JFK ), em Nova Iorque, mas você precisa ir para Manhattan. Sua viagem ainda não acabou . Qual é a melhor maneira de viajar do Aeroporto Kennedy para o coração da Big Apple? Compare suas opções e escolha o melhor para você.

Image shows aerial view of JFK International Airport in New York City.Photo was taken from window of a commercial airliner. Visible are the plane's wing as well as a panoramic view of JFK Airport down below.

Cómo Ir Del Aeropuerto Kennedy A Manhattan

Has llegado al Aeropuerto Kennedy (JFK) en Nueva York, pero necesitas ir a Manhattan. Aún no ha concluido su viaje. ¿Cuál es la mejor forma de transportarse del Aeropuerto Kennedy al corazón de la Gran Manzana? Compare las diferentes opciones disponibles y elija la mejor para usted.

Image shows Asian pork rolls decorated to look like toy pigs, including ears, eyes and snouth.

Asian Cuisine In New York City

Asian cuisine is never more than a few steps from you in NYC. The city is a feast for those who love Asian food and those willing to discover its many flavors.


Amish Country Day Trip Ideas

To visit Amish Country is to visit the past. It’s a special kind of past, one that has to dodge and fake so as to not bump into the modern world. For 400 years, that’s just what the Amish have done. Living a simpler life, tending the soil that has sustained their families through time. Their customs, dress and whole way of life have remained unchanged through time. Take a day to explore their world.

Image shows actors James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli and Vincent Curatola on the set of the HBO series The Sopranos. Filming was on location.

Sopranos Hotspots Tour

No fan of “The Sopranos” tv show should visit New York City without taking this tour. See the show’s iconic locations up close and get exclusive, behind-the-scenes info about how the shows that changed television was filmed.

Image of the Times Square-42nd Street subway station in New York City. Picture shows commuters walking on platform as a subway enters the station.

New York City Public Transit Resources

Section 1: New York City Subway 1A. MetroCard For up-to-date cost of subways and buses, including Unlimited …

A humourous photograph of a shirtless man with a big belly. He's wearing a Mexican hat, colorful shorts, a camera around his neck and is smoking a cigar. He's pointing to the right with both hands and has a funny expression on his face.

STEP Program For US Citizens Traveling Abroad

As a U.S. citizen traveling abroad, you can gain additional peace-of-mind by registering with the U.S. embassy/consulate at your destination. Read why this is an important consideration.

Photograph of an American passport page stamped with the phrase "Admitted U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigration, JFK Airport" in red ink.

How To Get From JFK Airport To New Jersey

This post covers transportation options between JFK Airport and New Jersey.

Image of New York City Subway map. Cloe-up of the area around JFK International Airport. The AirTrain's routes are visible.

How To Get From Manhattan To New York’s JFK Airport

Think getting from Manhattan to JFK Airport on your own is complicated? Think again. This post explains how in a clear and concise way.


CityTicket For Weekend JFK Airport Passengers

CityTicket For Weekend Travel Between JFK Airport & Manhattan This information is specifically for anyone arriving at/departing …