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Image of various city names with arrival times next to them at a Newark International Airport luggage carousel.

Transportation From NYC To Newark International Airport

Discover the best way for you to get from Manhattan (New York City) to Newark International Airport in New Jersey. Different situations call for different answers. Find out which way option works best for you.

Illustrative image of the Earth created by NASA using satellite imagery

Foreign Consulates & Missions in New York City

New York City Consulates and Foreign Missions How to use map: Click box with arrow in map’s …

Image of an airplane taking off from JFK International Airport at sunset. The plane is silohouetted in the evening sky.

Wie man vom Kennedy Flughafen (JFK) nach Manhattan, New York, kommt

Sie sind gerade am Flughafen JFK in New York angekommen, aber müssen nach Manhattan. Ihre Reise ist noch nicht vorbei. Welche ist aber die beste Möglichkeit in das Herz des Big Apple zu kommen? Vergleichen Sie Ihre Optionen und wählen Sie die für Sie geeignete.

Image of an airborne plane's wing. In the distance the sun is setting.

Como chegar do Aeroporto John F. Kennedy (JFK) a Manhattan, New York

Você chegou ao Kennedy Airport ( JFK ), em Nova Iorque, mas você precisa ir para Manhattan. Sua viagem ainda não acabou . Qual é a melhor maneira de viajar do Aeroporto Kennedy para o coração da Big Apple? Compare suas opções e escolha o melhor para você.

Image shows aerial view of JFK International Airport in New York City.Photo was taken from window of a commercial airliner. Visible are the plane's wing as well as a panoramic view of JFK Airport down below.

Cómo Ir Del Aeropuerto Kennedy A Manhattan

Has llegado al Aeropuerto Kennedy (JFK) en Nueva York, pero necesitas ir a Manhattan. Aún no ha concluido su viaje. ¿Cuál es la mejor forma de transportarse del Aeropuerto Kennedy al corazón de la Gran Manzana? Compare las diferentes opciones disponibles y elija la mejor para usted.

A humourous photograph of a shirtless man with a big belly. He's wearing a Mexican hat, colorful shorts, a camera around his neck and is smoking a cigar. He's pointing to the right with both hands and has a funny expression on his face.

STEP Program For US Citizens Traveling Abroad

As a U.S. citizen traveling abroad, you can gain additional peace-of-mind by registering with the U.S. embassy/consulate at your destination. Read why this is an important consideration.

Photograph of an American passport page stamped with the phrase "Admitted U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigration, JFK Airport" in red ink.

How To Get From JFK Airport To New Jersey

This post covers transportation options between JFK Airport and New Jersey.

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How To Get From New York’s JFK Airport To Manhattan

Not sure how to get from New York’s JFK Airport to Manhattan? No problem. This post clearly explains how.