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Ideas for day trips in the New York City area.

Photographic image of artificial mushrooms made from colorful see-thourgh paper and lights illuminating them from within. A wide spectrum of colors is represented.

Lightscapes: Springtime Light Show in the Hudson Valley

Lightscapes: A Springtime Light Show in the Hudson Valley Spring’s warm light makes the leaves return, flowers …


Amish Country Day Trip Ideas

To visit Amish Country is to visit the past. It’s a special kind of past, one that has to dodge and fake so as to not bump into the modern world. For 400 years, that’s just what the Amish have done. Living a simpler life, tending the soil that has sustained their families through time. Their customs, dress and whole way of life have remained unchanged through time. Take a day to explore their world.

Image shows actors James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli and Vincent Curatola on the set of the HBO series The Sopranos. Filming was on location.

Sopranos Hotspots Tour

No fan of “The Sopranos” tv show should visit New York City without taking this tour. See the show’s iconic locations up close and get exclusive, behind-the-scenes info about how the shows that changed television was filmed.

Buses pick up and drop off shoppers at the front of Woodbury Common Outlet Mall.

Outlet Stores In The New York City Area

Find designer name clothing and accessories for less at the two largest outlet shopping malls in the New York City area.

Bob Walters poses in front of the Science Barge in Yonkers, New York. Bob is the barge's Executive Director. The barge's solar panels and wind turbines are seen in the background.

Renewable Energy On The Science Barge

Bob Walters, Director of the Science Barge discusses how renewable energy is used to grow crops aboard a boat docked in New York’s Hudson River.

Image shows a tray filled with rust-colored clay balls and a green plant in the background. These clay balls are used in aquaponic farming, a system that pumps water into this container, which is absorbed by the clay balls and absorbed by a plant's roots. Aquaponic farming does not involve soil.

New York’s Renewable Energy Urban Farm

You can see renewable energy at work aboard the Science Barge, a model urban farm that uses solar energy and wind energy to grow crops.

the stained glass "rose window" by Henri Matisse

Matisse & Chagall: Stained Glass Art

The Union Church of Pocantico Hills in Tarrytown, New York is home to nine stained glass works of art by Marc Chagall as well as one by Henri Matisse, which turned out to be his last work of art. The church is less than an hour from New York’s Grand Central Terminal.