Best Parking New York Tutorial

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Best Parking NYC Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial. This page is for anyone interested in using the Best Parking New York website to save money when parking in Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg (Brooklyn), Greenpoint (Brooklyn), Long Island City (Queens) and the following cities in New Jersey: Secaucus, Hoboken and Jersey City.

Best Parking has been featured in: the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Travel Channel and the New York Daily News.

Their website is easy to use and will help you save both money and time. They also offer Apple and Android apps.

With Best Parking NYC you can:

  • Compare prices
  • Choose a parking facility
  • Guarantee your rate
  • See a map of available street parking (for now, this option is only available in Manhattan)

You can do all of this before starting your engine. No more driving from garage to garage, sitting through dozens of traffic lights and wasting time.

Let’s walk through an example together.

  For our example, let’s assume we plan to:

  • Visit the Empire State Building next Saturday morning.
  • Arrive at the parking garage at 8AM.
  • Return to our car at 10:00 p.m.

*Rates change often. Rates on your screen may be different. Rates are also affected by: where you park, the day of the week, time of day and length of stay.

Part 1: Step-By-Step To Saving Money On Manhattan Parking

  1.  Enter dates and time your car will be parked. We’ll enter at 8 a.m. next Saturday and leave at 10:00 p.m. the same night.
  2. For easier reading, select “Garages/Lots” at the top of the page.
  3. Also at the top, select whether you have a regular car or SUV.

Select Your New York City Parking

That’s it! Once enter the requested information, Best Parking will automatically show you choices.

The dollar amounts shown represent what you will be charged based on the information you’ve entered.

Many of the listed parking facilities offer rate guarantees with the coupon offered through Best Parking. Be sure to print the coupon and present it at the parking facility

Free Manhattan Street Parking With Best Parking New York

Best Parking New York is also helpful ally when it comes to finding free street parking in Manhattan. This option is not available for other areas yet.

To see your Manhattan street parking choices, follow the steps in Part 1 with one exception.

At the top of the map, choose “Street” instead of  “Garages/Lots” or “All Parking.”

When the “Street” view is selected, an overlay of colored lines will appear on the map. Refer to the legend on the left to interpret the colored lines. Red lines, for example, mean that street parking is not available during the hours you have entered.

Important Note: Use the color-coded street parking on Best Parking New York only as a guide. Be especially careful of “free parking” areas if you plan to leave your car more than 1 day.

The information provided on their site may only apply to a portion of the time you plan to leave your car on the street. Their website does not guarantee the accuracy of the street parking information.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to check street parking  regulations from an official source: the New York City Dept. of Transportation Parking Regulations page.

For help on how to use that page, see our New York City Street Parking Tutorial. You may also want to read our  New York Parking Tips and Strategies.

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