How to take bus from 33rd Street PATH train station to High Line’s northernmost entrance:

Take PATH train to 33rd St. & walk to bus stop

  • Take PATH train to the 33rd St. station in Manhattan (#15 on map)
  • When you reach street level, you will be at 32nd St. and 6th Ave.
  • Walk 2 blocks north along 6th Ave. to 34th St.
  • Cross to opposite side of 34th Street (to where the Macy’s store is)
  • Look for bus stop at corner in front of Macy’s

When you reach bus stop

  • You will be taking an M34 bus
  • Front of M34 bus says: M34 Javits Ctr-12 Av
  • The M34 is a Select Service Bus (SBS) route

To pay for M34 Select Service Bus (SBS) Before Boarding:

  • Find ticket machine next to bus stop
  • Follow instructions on machine
  • Machine asks you to insert your MetroCard
  • Bus fare is deducted from your MetroCard
  • Machine then prints a paper receipt

After paying for bus fare at machine:

  • Take M34 bus to the 11th Ave. stop
  • Descend from M34 bus at 11th Ave. stop (#23 on map)
  • You will be at 11th Ave. & 34th St.
  • Walk west along 34th St. (toward Hudson River) half a block to High Line’s northern entrance
  • Entrance is on 34th St., between 11th & 12th Avenues. (see #2 on map)


Note 1:

There is an M34 bus and an M34A bus.

Only take the M34. DO NOT TAKE THE M34A

  • Front of M34 says: Javits Ctr./12th Av (this is the one you want)
  • Front of M34A says: Port Authority (you DO NOT want this one)
  • Confirm with bus driver that you boarded correct bus

Note 2:

  • After getting your receipt from machine at bus stop, you do not have to show or pay anything when boarding the bus–just find your seat
  • If a roving ticket agent boards bus, you must present receipt/proof of payment
  • If you do not present receipt, you will pay a VERY LARGE FINE
  • Don’t forget, buy MetroCard at Penn Station if you don’t have one already

Note 3:

  • If 3 or more in your group, taking taxi might be faster/less expensive.
  • See next option, Option 3, if taking taxi.

For more transportation options to the High Line, or to view map, see How To Get To The High Line.

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