LaGuardia Airport To Long Island On Public Transportation

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LaGuardia Airport To Long Island Using Public Transportation

This post discusses how to get from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to the Long Island Railroad. The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) commuter train network. The LIRR is the rail network between New York City and Long Island.

Not going to Long Island? You may want to consider public transportation options from:

Option 1: Yellow Taxi From LaGuardia Airport To Woodside LIRR Station

Step 1: Taxi From LGA to Woodside Train Station

From LaGuardia Airport (LGA), take a yellow taxi to the “Woodside” Long Island Railroad (LIRR) station, located at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue & 61st Street in Queens.

Step 2: Train From Woodside Station To Long Island

From Woodside Station, take an LIRR train to your Long Island destination. On this LIRR map, find Woodside Station by following the red line to the far left.

Above Woodside, there is a graphic of a black airplane inside a yellow circle, indicating LaGuardia Airport. Magnify the map by pressing the Control + (Windows) or Command + (Macs).

Woodside Station is 3.5 miles (6.4 km) from LaGuardia Airport. You can use our New York City Taxi Fare Estimator.

Enter “LaGuardia Airport” as your starting point. Enter “6112 Roosevelt Ave., Queens, NY” as your destination. This Roosevelt Ave. address is right across the street from the LIRR station.

Once inside Woodside train station, buy your ticket at a ticket booth or ticket machine. We recommend a ticket booth whenever possible. A ticket agent will ensure you buy the correct ticket type (i.e. peak/off-peak) and will explain any transfers you may have to make.

Jamaica Station

The LIRR’s 2 big hub stations are: Woodside Station and Jamaica Station. There is a strong possibility you will have to transfer trains at Jamaica Station.

As you can see on the LIRR map, Jamaica Station has direct access to most LIRR lines. To find Jamaica Station on the map, find the word QUEENS in large blue letters. Look straight down from there.

Taking a taxi from LaGuardia to Jamaica Station is not worth it, in our opinion. It’s much more expensive and will likely take longer than the train. Going from Woodside Station to Jamaica Station takes only 10 minutes on the LIRR.

A taxi from LaGuardia Airport to Jamaica Station costs almost twice as much as a taxi from LaGuardia to Woodside Station.

In the “Taxi Fare Estimator,” you can enter “LaGuardia” as your starting point and “Jamaica Station” as your destination.

Estimate of LaGuardia to Woodside taxi cost= +/- $15 (taxi fare + surcharges + your tip)

For LIRR schedules and fares:

  • Check LIRR train schedules online.
  • Call the LIRR at (718) 217-5477 from any phone. You can follow the prompts or say “Representative” to speak with a human.
  • Ask a station ticket agent

 Option 2: Bus From LaGuardia Airport To Woodside LIRR Station

Taking a bus to Woodside Station is the most economical route. The majority of passengers arriving at LaGuardia Airport arrive at Terminals B, C & D. A smaller number of passengers arrive at Terminal A, also known as the Marine Air Terminal.

If you are arriving at Terminals B, C or D, use Option 2A below. If arriving at Terminal A, use Option 2b. You will need to buy a Metro-Card to pay for the bus.

Metro-Card Notes:

  • Buy Metro-Cards at any “Hudson News” newsstand in LaGuardia Airport or at a ticket machine by your terminal’s doors.
  • Ticket machines only accept credit/debit cards.

Option 2A: Taking The Bus From LaGuardia Airport Terminals B, C & D To Woodside Station

  • When arriving at Terminals B, C & D, take a Q70 Limited (LTD) bus.
  • Look for the bus stop outside your terminal’s doors.
  • Take the Q70 bus from LaGuardia Airport to the stop called: Roosevelt Ave./61st Street.
  • Woodside Station is directly in front of this bus stop. Enter Woodside Station and purchase your train ticket.

Option 2B: Taking The Bus From LaGuardia Airport Terminal A To Woodside Station

You have 2 bus options when arriving at Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal). The first option is simpler.

First Option:

There is a free shuttle bus service that does a continuous loop around LaGuardia Airport. This shuttle service is called “Route A.”

To reach the LIRR from Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal):

  • Board a “Route A shuttle outside Terminal A. (Route A buses are free and run from 4 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.)
  • Exit Route A bus at LaGuardia Terminal B.
  • From Terminal B take a Q70 bus to the 61st Street/Woodside stop
  • Exit Q70 bus at 61st Street/Woodside stop, then enter the Woodside LIRR station.
  • Both stations are at same location.
  • Buy LIRR ticket and take LIRR to your Long Island destination.

Second Option:

The Q47 is the only public bus servicing Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal). The Q47 bus does not go to Woodside Station. When taking the Q47 bus, you will have to transfer to a subway to reach the Woodside Station.

To reach Woodside Station via the Q47 bus:

  • Board Q47 bus outside LaGuardia Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal).
  • Take Q47 bus to the Roosevelt Ave./74th Street stop.
  • Exit bus at Roosevelt Ave./74th Street stop. This bus stop is next to a subway station called: 74th Street/Broadway.
  • Enter 74th Street/Broadway subway station and take a Manhattan-bound 7 train to the 61st Street/Woodside station (2 stops).
  • Exit subway at 61st Street/Woodside station and enter Woodside LIRR station.
  • 61st Street/Woodside subway station and Woodside LIRR Station are at same location.
  • Buy LIRR ticket and take LIRR to your Long Island destination.

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