New York Parking Tips and Strategies

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Parking In And Around New York City

Parking in New York City is a beast that eats your time, energy and, often, money. While some people jump out of airplanes for an adrenaline rush, New Yorkers get the same sensation by finding free or inexpensive parking.

You will never tame the New York parking monster, but these tips can help dull its teeth. Please do your research and always use common sense.

New York Parking Tip #1: Park For Free

Why are you still finding street parking the hard way?

Does this sound familiar? You’re at a red light and your eyes lock on a parking space. You crouch like a panther, eyes scanning left to right and back.

Throat tightens, heart beats faster, dry mouth. You crush the gas, but halfway there you see it’s .. a fire hydrant!

Avoid all that by visiting the New York City Parking Regulations page and see the parking rules for any street in the city. Enter the borough name, street name and the cross streets. Presto!

Need help with the city’s parking regulations page? See our New York Street Parking Tutorial.

Image shows several toy cars on a chessboard. The picture illustrates the article's main idea: parking in New York takes strategy if you want to save money and time.
Use strategy to save time and money when parking in New York.

New York Parking Tip #2: Comparison Shop Online

When it comes to parking your vehicle in New York City, you win some, you pay for some. It’s inevitable.

That, however, doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar. A little research can save you lots of bucks. Check out these sites and use their apps (if applicable).

Both SP+ Parking and Icon Parking own and manage their own parking facilities. Best Parking offers information about parking facilities, but it neither owns or manages parking facilities.

New York Parking Tip #3: Use Craigslist To Find Private Parking Spaces

Craigslist advertises private parking space offers in and close to New York City. Most quotes are monthly rates, so they’re best suited for those who need long-term parking.

Click here for New York City, New Jersey, Hudson Valley and Connecticut Private Parking Spaces

Private New York City Parking Offers:

New York City parking space offers usually mention specific neighborhoods. If you don’t know your Throgs Neck from your Gowanus, you can find New York City neighborhoods by using either:

The drop-down menu on the Department of City Planning’s site or;

Use Google Maps: Enter [Neighborhood Name, Borough, State]

For example:

To find the “Middle Village” neighborhood in  Queens, you would enter: Middle Village, Queens, NY in the Google Maps search box.

Northern New Jersey Private Parking Offers:

View northern New Jersey parking space offers.

For public transportation options, visit and use the “Trip Planner” box at the top left of the homepage.

To see a map of New Jersey Transit train lines:

  • First, visit
  • Then just hover over the word “Maps” at the top of the page and select “Rail System.”

Hudson Valley Private Parking Offers:

The Hudson Valley region is directly north of the city. Check out Hudson Valley parking space offers. This area is served by Metro-North trains.

Fairfield County, CT Private Parking Offers:

The closest county in Connecticut to New York City is Fairfield County. See Fairfield County parking space offers here. Metro-North trains service this area.

New York Parking Tip #4: Have An Exit Strategy

An exit strategy simply means parking close to your last stop of the day. This won’t help with direct parking costs, but will save you time, gas, and aggravation.

Click here to see an exit strategy example

Let’s assume 4 things for this example:

  • You plan to sightsee on a Saturday
  • It’s holiday season
  • You’ll use public transportation to move about during the day
  • You will enter and leave Manhattan through the Lincoln Tunnel (on the West Side)

On Saturday, you want to visit these places in this order:

  1. The United Nations (UN) in the morning (East Side)
  2. The Statue of Liberty in the afternoon (Downtown)
  3. Times Square at night. (West Side)

Where would you park? If you said by the UN, consider the following:

  • Traffic is heavy on Saturday nights.
  • Traffic is significantly heavier during holiday season.
  • You’ll be tired after such a long day.

What would be your best exit strategy? If we consider all of the factors noted above, then parking within walking distance of Times Square is the best exit strategy.

By doing so, you’ll have two big advantages when it’s time to go home:

  • a.) You’ll be within walking distance of your car and;
  • b.) You’ll be close to your exit point. In this example, you may remember, your exit point is the Lincoln Tunnel.

What happens if you park near the UN (your first stop of the day)?

Besides turning into a pumpkin at midnight, you would have to:

a.) Take a taxi/Uber/subway from the West Side (Times Square) back to the East Side (where your car is parked)

b.) Once you pick up your car on the East Side, you’d have to head right back to the West Side to your exit point (the Lincoln Tunnel)

Throw some Saturday night holiday traffic into this party mix and you’ll end up with a giant ball of NO FUN.

In order to avoid inefficient situations like this one, study your route beforehand.

New York Parking Tip #5: Park Outside NYC

Several train stations in New York’s suburbs offer daily and long-term parking.

When using this strategy, be flexible and have some extra time. Reservations cannot be made.

Hudson Valley options= Section A.

New Jersey options= Section B.

Connecticut options= Section C.

Advantages of parking outside New York City

  • No traffic or parking hassles. Park. Take train. Done.
  • Lower parking rates.
  • Safer than parking on city streets.
  • Safer than parking in parking facility (we’ve seen parking attendants do some wild things).

Disadvantages of parking outside New York City

  • Travel time to and from the city.
  • Trains fares. Not too bad if traveling alone, but adds up quickly for groups.
  • Hauling luggage or shopping bags.
  • Some, but not all, places require you to pay in person to extend your time. Others let you pay remotely via an app. Exceeding your paid time may result in fines or a boot (a device that immobilizes your car).

Hudson Valley Parking Options

Suitable for those arriving from Upstate New York or Northeastern States.

Hudson Valley options are: Peekskill, Cortlandt, Croton-on-Hudson, Ossining, Tarrytown & Yonkers.

Info on each option available under map below.

These Hudson Valley options are:

  • Listed in north to south order (i.e. farthest from/closest to New York City)
  • Located in Westchester County, New  York
  • On Metro-North Railroad’s “Hudson Line,” (runs parallel to Hudson River)
  • Served by local and express trains
  • Located at train stations

Note on train fares:

Metro-North train fares are charged by zone. Stations in the same zone have the same fares.

Peekskill & Cortlandt= same fare zone.

Croton/Ossining/Tarrytown= same fare zone.

Yonkers is closest to NYC. Lowest train fares, but parking more expensive.

Map Note: Click red pins on map for location names.

Click Here For Peekskill, New York Train Station Parking

Of the options listed here, Peekskill is the northernmost option.

Parking in Peekskill Offers:

During weekdays

  • 1 lot with daily metered parking spaces (limited # of metered spaces available)
  • Lot is 1 block from train station
  • Approximately 2-dozen metered spaces directly in front of and around train station

During Weekends & Holidays

  • Free parking in lots directly in front of train station as well as lot 1 block away

Peekskill Parking Notes

  • Address: 300 Railroad Ave., Peekskill, NY 10566-4412
  • Distance from Grand Central: 41.2 miles (66.3 km)
  • Trip to Grand Central: 60-75 minutes (local/express)
  • Meters are 12-hour meters (QUARTERS ONLY)
  • You CANNOT pay remotely to extend time
  • Peekskill does not have a webpage detailing parking policies
  • During weekdays, metered spaces may or may not be available, depending on demand and/or your arrival time.
  • During weekends, parking in lots in front of station is easy.
  • Peekskill and Cortlandt are in the same fare zone. Prices are same for both.
  • Train fares/schedules
  • Avoid taking local train from Grand Central Terminal (GCT) to Peekskill. Will have to transfer at Croton. This is not an issue when taking train from Peekskill to GCT.


Click Here For Cortlandt, New York Train Station Parking

Cortlandt is the most under-used lot on our list.

Parking in Cortlandt Offers:

During Weekdays

  • 1 medium-sized lot directly in front of station
  • 1 huge lot next to station
  • Plenty, and we mean plenty, of daily and long-term parking spots

During Weekends & Holidays

Free, easy and plentiful parking

Cortlandt Parking Notes

  • Address: 2 Memorial Drive, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10566-1244
  • Distance from Grand Central: 38.4 miles/61.8 km
  • Trip to Grand Central= 52-66 minutes (express/local)
  • State police barracks next to train station
  • Extend your time via the pay-by-phone option or use the app
  • Be sure to record your space number and Cortlandt’s zone number (8419)
  • Parking information (Click “Daily Meters”)
  • How to use the Cortlandt parking meters
  • Train fares/schedules
  • Avoid taking local train from Grand Central Terminal (GCT) to Cortlandt. Will have to transfer at Croton. This is not an issue when taking train from Cortlandt to GCT.


Click Here For Croton-on-Hudson, New York Train Station Parking

Section F and Section A at the Croton train station have daily and long-term parking.

To enter Section F, descend hill after entering station and make the first left.

Section A is an overflow lot. It is across the road from the main parking lot.

Croton Parking offers:

  • Up to 31 days of long-term parking
  • Reduced weekend parking rates (calculated automatically).
  • A convenient pay-by-phone system.

Notes on Croton’s payment options

  • Pay the day you arrive
  • Payment option 1: Credit cards or exact cash payment at self-service machines. Croton’s machines do not give change.
  • Payment option 2: Pay by phone. Read the “Pay By Cell Phone Information” section near the bottom of the Village of Croton’s parking page.
  • You may pay for additional time by phone even if you used the self-service machine the first time. You’ll need: parking space number and the parking facility’s number (Croton’s # = 4709).
  • Read about Daily & Long-term parking at Croton here

Croton Parking Notes:                        

  • Address: 1 Croton Point Ave., Croton, NY 10520.
  • If you pay by phone, you’ll receive a text reminding you when your time is about to expire.
  • Write down your space number and Croton’s facility number (4709).
  • The day you arrive and the day you leave each count as one day.
  • Receipts available online when you pay by phone.
  • Visit Metro-North’s website. You’ll be leaving from “Croton Harmon” and arriving at “Grand Central Terminal.”


Click Here For Ossining, New York Train Station Parking

Ossining is 5 minutes south of Croton. Their parking lot is divided in two. Only the lot closest to the river has daily and long-term parking spaces.

Parking in Ossining offers:

  • Up to 31 days of parking
  • Free weekend parking
  • Free parking on: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • Pay-by-phone or

An example:

You arrive on a Saturday and it’s the 1st of the month. You plan to park for 10 days, one of which is a holiday. When you pay, weekends and holidays are automatically deducted for you.

10 Days of Parking

– 4 Weekend days

– 1 holiday

= 5 days

You’re parking for 10 days, but paying for 5. (*Assuming holiday is on a weekday.)

Ossining Parking Notes:


  • Address: 1 Main St., Ossining, NY 10562
  • Distance from Grand Central: 30.1 miles (48.4 km)
  • Trip to Grand Central: 45-64 minutes (express/local)

Paying for Parking in Ossining:

  • Option 1: Cash/credit card at self-service machine (change given).
  • Option 2: By phone: 1-877-727-5730. Space number and zone number (8418) required.
  • Payment option 3: Use mobile phone app or browser app. Free downloads at:  ParkMobile apps.
  • Ossining’s zone number is: 8418 (needed for mobile payment options).
  • You pay the day you arrive. Can extend time by phone or mobile apps.
  • Parking over 24 hours is considered “long term.” May park up to 31 days total.
  • Arrival and departure days each count as one day.

Helpful Links for Parking in Ossning

Getting to Ossining’s daily and long-term parking lot

At bottom of Main Street, continue over ramp past train station building. After crossing this ramp/bridge, look for chain link fence on left.

Parking space numbers posted on fence. Map below shows parking facility locations.


Click Here For Tarrytown, New York Train Station Parking

Parking at Tarrytown’s Metro-North Train Station

Tarrytown is the 2nd-closest station to Grand Central among our Hudson Valley choices.

A few things, however, keep Tarrytown from being a top choice.

These include:

  1. Long-term parking not allowed.
  2. Cannot extend time remotely. Must be done in person.
  3. Current lot rules a bit confusing.

Read about daily parking at Tarrytown train station here.

Tarrytown has several parking areas.

Parking next to Tarrytown train station building

The South Depot Plaza lot is on same side of bridge as train station building (before crossing bridge). If facing train station, lot is just to the left.

Small lot (46 spaces) with 12-hour limit.

Parking Areas Over Bridge (next to river)

1st lot on right after crossing bridge 

Non-residents cannot park there before 2 p.m.

2nd lot on right after crossing bridge 

Non-residents cannot park there before 2 p.m.

Fence Parking

Some parking available along fences on this side of bridge. Read signs for rules.

Losee Park Lot

At very end of parking area, behind baseball field.

You can park there starting at 6 a.m.

This lot is a +/-  5-minute walk from train station entrance. Something to consider in hot or cold weather.


Click Here For Yonkers, New York Train Station Parking

Parking near Yonkers, New York’s Metro-North Train Station

Yonkers is New York City’s little brother to the north. They border each other.

The Buena Vista Parking Garage, operated by the Yonkers Parking Authority, is only 1 block from the Yonkers Metro-North train station.

Buena Vista Parking Garage address: 38 Buena Vista Ave., Yonkers, NY 10701


        • Very close to NYC, without being in NYC
        • Less train fare


        • Closer to NYC= more driving + more expensive parking
        • During peak hours, NYC traffic often backs up to Yonkers

Yonkers Train Station Notes:

          • Address: 5 Buena Vista Ave., Yonkers, NY 10701-3544
          • Distance from Grand Central: 14.4 miles (23.2 km)
          • Trip to Grand Central: 25-33 minutes (express/local)


B. New Jersey Parking Options

Click Here To See New Jersey Options

Iselin, New Jersey Metropark Station

Consider the Metropark station in Iselin, New Jersey. This station is served by NJ Transit. It has 2 parking garages and 1 overflow parking lot.

Metropark Notes:

                • 21-day limit for daily parking.
                • To park longer than 21 days, call the office for details: (732) 906-1661
                • Pay at self-service machine when leaving. (cash or credit cards.)
                • Keep your ticket! You need it to pay. Just leave it in the car.
                • For details, consult Metropark station’s website. Click “Parking Rates” and “Parking Payment & Credit Card Instructions.”
                • Take a NJ Transit train to Penn Station in Manhattan.
                • For train info, see New Jersey Transit. “Metropark is your “origin station,” “New York Penn Station” is your “destination station.”
                • Choose your travel date and click “View Schedule.” Ticket prices are under “Fares for this trip” on schedule page.

Metropark’s address:

                • Metropark’s address is : 100 Middlesex-Essex Turnpike, Iselin, NJ  08830
                • ***My GPS did not recognize this address.***
                • If your GPS has problems with that address, use: 70 South Wood Ave., Iselin, NJ  08830
                • 70 South Wood Ave. is an office building 1/2 a block from the Metropark Station. You can see Metropark from 70 South Wood Ave. Just continue to Wood Ave./Middlesex-Essex Turnpike intersection and turn right. Head to the large parking garage.


C. Connecticut Parking Options

Click Here To See Connecticut Options

Consider these garages if taking I-95 through the Constitution Sate.

These 2 Connecticut parking garages are often filled to capacity. Space is limited during peak hours.

South Norwalk, Connecticut Train Station

This parking garage is about one mile from I-95. It is next to the South Norwalk Metro-North train station. Parking facility closes after last train arrives and re-opens before the first train of the day. See Metro-North link below for train schedules.

South Norwalk Notes:

                • Address: 1 State Street, Norwalk, CT 06854
                • Distance from Grand Central: 41 miles (66 km)
                • Train Trip to Grand Central= 59-67 minutes (express/local)
                • Phone number: (203) 831-9063 (If arriving during business hours, try calling ahead for availability).
                • Additional street parking 1 block from train station on Henry Street. (Consult map above.)
                • Daily parking allowed for up to 1 week.
                • South Norwalk now shows real time parking space availability!
                • See South Norwalk parking space availability and rates here. Under “Railroad Stations,” select “South Norwalk Railroad Station.”
                • Visit Metro-North’s page for train info. Departing from “South Norwalk,” arriving at “Grand Central.”

Stamford, Connecticut Train Station

Stamford’s parking facility is next to both I-95 and the Stamford train station. It’s called the “Transportation Center Garage” and is part of the “Stamford Transportation Center.”

Stamford Notes:

                • Address: 48 Station Place, Stamford, CT 06902.
                • Distance from Grand Central: 33 miles (53km)
                • Train trip to Grand Central= 47-70 minutes (express/local)
                • For rates call: (203) 327-7998 (sometimes a recorded message).
                • Can park up to 1 month
                • Cash Only. Pay when you leave.
                • Visit Metro-North for train information. Departure station is “Stamford,” destination is “Grand Central.”


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