Our Privacy Policy

TripHoney knows that your privacy and security online are important. This privacy policy is meant to emphasize the value we place on respecting our visitors’ privacy. In this document, the terms “TripHoney,” “We” and “Our” all refer to TripHoney.com.

Like many websites, we use Google Analytics, and other software like it, to review statistics relevant to our site. These statistics include: how many visitors we had during a given time period, their general geographic locations, the length of their visits and which pages they viewed.

We use this information to assess how we can better serve both our new and recurring visitors. No personal, nonpublic information is presented in Google Analytics or other similar software that we use. We have no way of knowing the identity of those who visit our site.

Google Analytics, and programs like it, may use cookies to analyze the pages a visitor views. Cookies are very small files placed on your computer. The different statistics programs we use are all third-party programs and TripHoney has neither the power nor the authority to alter how those programs function.

Our goal in using these programs will always be to improve the experience our visitors have on our website. Your specific identity is never revealed and never will be, unless you expressly provide it to us.

TripHoney maintains a number of commercial/affiliate relationships with companies linked to throughout the site. We also provide links to numerous websites and companies that have no such commercial relationships with TripHoney. Our privacy policy only addresses the privacy standards and practices for this website only. TripHoney cannot make any guarantees, either express or implied, regarding the privacy policy and practices of any company or website not directly owned or controlled by TripHoney and its parent company, COTO MEDIA LLC.

In the event you share personal information with us, such as your email, either through our Contact form or through our Comments section, that information will be treated with discretion and respect. We do not share, sell, trade, rent or otherwise provide our visitors’ information to anyone.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted here. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this document, please use our Contact page to reach us.

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