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TripHoney’s Search Term All-Stars


People use many different search terms to arrive on our site. These search terms are straight-forward most of the time. At other times, they’re funny, interesting and, even, strange.

From these, we’ve separated both frequently asked questions as well as interesting search terms we’ve come across.

Collectively, we call them TripHoney’s Search Term All-Stars.

Search terms appear in ” ” and our comments appear in ( ).


“graffiti son in law” (ok)

“graffiti honey”

“i take new york graffiti” (Where to?)

“what is written in graffiti on the temple of dendur?” (Most of the graffiti on the temple was written by Europeans in the 1800s/early 1900s.)


“how to be safe on subway in nyc?” andis nyc metro safe?” (Start with these subway safety tips.)

“honey honey high line”

Outlet Shopping Near New York City

outlet em nova york woodbury”

(Folks from England, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, Hong Kong and, in this case, Brazil, have come looking for information on the Woodbury Common outlet shopping mall in upstate New York.)

“discounted woodbury common bus”

shopping strategy at woodbury outlet”

(Come early, come on a weekday if possible, bring a rolling suitcase and dress for the weather.)

LaGuardia Airport, New York City

“travel into manhattan, which airport?” (LaGuardia is the closest airport to Manhattan.)

“is there a subway from laguardia airport to new jersey?” and “can i take the path train from lga to New Jersey?” (No and no. Read about how to get from LGA to Jersey here.)

“can you take the train from LaGuarida to New Haven, CT” (Not directly. You’d have to do it in two steps. Read how to do it here.)

 “Can you drive to LaGuardia without paying tolls?”

(If you are coming from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens or Long Island, it’s definitely possible. If you’re coming from Manhattan, it’s possible, but may be inconvenient and time-consuming [i.e. Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Manhattan & 59th St. Bridges].

It’s not possible from the Bronx. The free routes via Manhattan are recommend only if traveling the roads very early or very late because of traffic.)

How long does it take to get to LaGuardia from Manhattan?

(Read more about Manhattan to LaGuardia transportation options here. If all goes well with traffic, +/- half an hour. Depends on traffic, route taken, time of day, form of transportation, etc.)

Is there a train/bus from LaGuardia to New Jersey? Is there a train/bus from LaGuardia to Westchester County? Is there a train/bus from LaGuardia to Connecticut?

(There is no direct public transportation service between LaGuardia and New Jersey, Connecticut or Westchester County, unless you use a private car service, like Go Airlink NYC’s 24/7 LaGuardia Airport Transportation .

Traveling between LaGuardia Airport and New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester County is a two-step process. Step 1= Traveling from LaGuardia to a travel hub in Manhattan. Step 2= Traveling from Manhattan to your final destination.

Read about traveling from LaGuardia to Connecticut and Westchester  and LaGuardia To New Jersey here.)

Trains In The New York City region

“do metro-north tickets work on LIRR?” (No)

Little Italy In The Bronx, Arthur Ave.

“what existed first, little italy manhattan or little italy bronx?” (Manhattan’s Little Italy existed before the Bronx’s Little Italy.)

“what bus to arthur ave.?” and “closest subway to arthur ave.” (There is no direct bus from Manhattan to Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. Read the section titled Getting To The Bronx’s Little Italy here.)

“where can I buy fresh ravioli in dutchess county?” (No idea, but Borgatti’s in the Bronx can help you.)

Renewable Energy,  The Science Barge, Yonkers New York

“where does the food from the science barge go?” (It’s donated to the homeless.)

“honey as renewable energy

The High Line, Manhattan, New York City

“why did the high line close in 1980”

(Up until the 1960s, New York City was one of the USA’s major manufacturing centers. Walk along the High Line and you’ll notice some buildings come right up to the elevated platform’s edge.

During the High Line’s heyday, trains would stop in front of these former factory/warehouse buildings so that workers could load and unload merchandise directly onto and off of trains.

In fact, High Line trains used to to actually go through some buildings. Yes, through them! Talk about door-t0-door service.

After the 1960s, the demand for rail services slumped when American factories started closing or moving elsewhere. At the same time, trucking services became faster, cheaper and more convenient, thus compounding the railroad’s problems.)

“What is the closest subway to High Line? How do I get to the High Line?”

(On one end, the High Line starts/ends at 30th Street and 10th Ave. On the other end, the High Line starts/ends at the intersection of Gansevoort Street and Washington Street.

The High Line is currently about 1.45 miles (2.33 km) long. There are entrances at several points along the High Line, but I am assuming you, like most people, would like to walk the entire length.

If that is the case, you goal should be to get to either the intersection of 30th Street and 10th Ave. or Gansevoort Street and Washington Street. Read about How To Get To The High Line here.)

Night Court, Manhattan, New York City

“Is there a real night court?” and “why is there night court?”

(Yes, there really is a night court. Why? Too many people doing too many things they shouldn’t be. To meet the constitutional requirement that a person be arraigned in a timely manner after their arrest, the State of New York has to, in effect, work overtime.)

New York City Parking and Towing

“do I owe parking tickets in NYC”

“where to leave you car outside NYC” (Read tip #5 here for info on parking outside city limits.)

“are cars always towed when parked near a fire hydrant in nyc?” (Is it worth the risk to find out? See tip #3 here.)

“when can your car get towed if you owe parking tickets in nyc?”

(It depends on whether it is a violation tow or a judgment tow. Read this for more towing info.)

“Can I take a subway from Manhattan to LaGuardia?” 

(The short answer is, no, there is no direct subway from Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport. The Long Island Railroad is much better for getting to LaGuardia from Manhattan.

Read about how to take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) from Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport here. Look at Option #3 on that page.)

What motivates parking ticket agents to write tickets?

(Mostly their paychecks. They also have unspoken quotas or “performance targets” as they’re called. Heck, some even do it because they enjoy it so much.)

It’s also very big business for the city. According to the New York Times’s “City Room” section (11/28/08), the city collected over $600 million in the fiscal year previous to the article.

That’s $600,000,000. It’s not doubt closer to a billion dollars a year now.)


“build a butcher shop” (From scratch?)

“spoiled meat in 1800s” (Like many people, this is our go-to conversation starter.)

“tips to avoid anger” (Tip #1: stay out of NYC.)

“henry the old man who installs glass in Staten Island from his van” (If we see Hank, we’ll send him your way.)


“ and email”

“how to stain glass with honey” (Interesting)

trip for honey”

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