Transportation From NYC To Newark International Airport

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Manhattan To Newark International Airport (EWR) Transportation Options

This post discusses your transportation options when traveling from Manhattan (New York City) to Newark International Airport in New Jersey.

If you’re coming from the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn, use the subway to reach one of the transportation hubs listed below. There is an NYC subway map at bottom of post under Resources.

As a reference, Newark Airport is 18 miles (29km) southwest of New York City’s Times Square.

Transportation hub locations:

  • Grant Central Terminal: 42nd St. & Park Ave.
  •  Penn Station: 34th St. & 7th Ave. (or 8th Ave.)
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal: 42nd St. & 8th Ave.
Image of various city names with arrival times next to them at a Newark International Airport luggage carousel.
The convenience of flying into/out of Newark International Airport is often determined by how smoothly your trip to/from the airport goes. Learn about the different transportation options available when heading to the airport from Manhattan. (Image courtesy of CG Hughes/Flickr. License info available on our Photo Credits page under Image #1.)

Option 1: Airport Shuttle From Manhattan to Newark International Airport

GO Airlink NYC and NYC Airporter are the two main companies providing shuttle services between Manhattan and Newark International Airport.

After storing your luggage under the bus, your part is done. Relax and enjoy the ride to Newark International Airport.

Go Airlink NYC Offers:

  • 24/7 Newark Airport Transportation
  • Pick-up at your home/hotel/office in Manhattan (129th St. & below) or;
  • Pick-up at main transportation hubs: Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal.
  • 10% online booking discount
  • Choice of shared van, private van, private car or Luxury SUV Service
  • Drop-off at your Newark International Airport terminal
  • Shuttle services to cruise ship terminals in New Jersey and Brooklyn

GO Airlink NYC

NYC Airporter Offers:

  • Service from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., every half-hour, 7 days a week
  • Pick-up at several points in midtown Manhattan: Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal and Bryant Park (42nd St./5th Ave.)
  • Round-trip customers can be picked up at hotels between 23rd & 63rd Streets, transferring at Bryant Park to airport shuttle
  • Frequent seasonal discounts
  • Drop-off at your Newark International Airport terminal
  • Wi-Fi and power outlets available on vehicles
  • See most current rates for NYC Airporter’s New York Airport Express Bus.

Option 2: Train From Manhattan to Newark International Airport

Click Here For Info on Taking Train From Manhattan to Newark Airport

With this option, you would take a train from Penn Station to Newark International Airport.

2 types of trains leave Penn Station for Newark Airport:

  1. New Jersey (NJ) Transit trains (travel time= about 25 minutes)
  2. Amtrak (travel time= about 20 minutes)

NJ Transit trains are budget-friendly, local commuter trains.

Amtrak trains are more comfortable, but much more expensive.

In either case, taking a train to Newark International Airport is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Take train from Penn Station to Newark Liberty International Airport. You will get off at “Airport Station.”

Step 2: At “Airport Station,” transfer to the AirTrain.

The AirTrain is an elevated shuttle train that travels between “Airport Station” and all Newark International Airport terminals. (See Newark Airport AirTrain map at bottom under Resources.)

Your AirTrain fare is included in the price of your NJ Transit/Amtrak ticket to Newark International Airport.

One advantage trains have is not having to deal with traffic. They may, however, be inconvenient when traveling with lots of luggage due to limited space, crowded trains, narrow aisles and having to transfer to the AirTrain.

During summer, the hordes headed down da’ shoah* –where the beaches are– can make these trains pretty uncomfortable. They get hot, packed, and loud.

*Down da’ shoah= Down to the shore in Jersey-speak.

If checking NJ Transit’s site, enter:

Using: Rail

Going from: Penn Station New York

Going to: Newark Airport Rail Station

See NJ Transit schedules/fares here.

When using Amtrak’s site, enter:

Going from: New York-Penn Station

Going to: Newark, NJ- Liberty International Airport (EWR)

See Amtrak schedules/fares here.


Option 3: Yellow Cab/Uber/Lyft From Manhattan to Newark International Airport

Click Here For Info on Taking Yellow Taxi/Uber/Lyft

A yellow cab from Manhattan is an option, albeit an expensive one.

Besides the metered fare, you will  pay:

  • A Newark surcharge
  • Roundtrip tolls
  • An “improvement surcharge” (whatever that is)
  • Tip (typically 15-20%)

Uber and Lyft rates are difficult to pinpoint. Tolls, tips (15-20%), and vehicle type all affect your cost.

By far, however, the biggest X factor is “surge pricing.” They charge higher rates depending on time of day and traffic conditions.

Use their services at the wrong time and your car fare to Newark Airport could rival your airfare.


Option 4: Public Bus From Manhattan to Newark International Airport

Click here for info on taking a public bus to Newark International Airport

NJ Transit offers public bus service to Newark International Airport, but we don’t recommend it. This is the least expensive choice, but also the most inconvenient.

Step 1: Take a NJ Transit bus from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan to a point in Elizabeth, NJ.

Step 2: Walk 1 block to transfer to a different public bus that goes to the airport’s terminals.

The second bus stop is next to a major highway and you’ll wait at least a half hour for the transfer bus to arrive.

There is little price difference between this option and the first two (excluding Amtrak trains). Definitely not worth the added hassle. Avoid if possible.

For rates and stop information, see the NJ Transit website.

Select the following:

    • Travel From: Port Authority Bus Terminal
    • Travel To: Newark Airport Terminal (select your terminal)
    • Using: Bus



New York City Subway Map

Newark Airport AirTrain Map

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